Tribulus Terrestris 40%

  • Enhances Testosterone Production
  • Has an Anabolic Effect
  • Increases Strength

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant extract of Tribulus terrestris in capsule form. The concentration of saponins (the active ingredient) is 40%.
Tribulus Terrestris raises the levels of luteinizing hormone, which causes an increase in testosterone levels. Testosterone in male and female bodies is responsible for the muscle and bone growth, the functioning of genitals and sexual desire. It affects the fat muscle ratio (in favor of the muscles). While male aging, testosterone level reduces, that is why the intake of Tribulus Terrestris at the age of 40 gives a significant anabolic effect in strength training, helps to maintain muscle mass, prevent obesity, helps to prevent prostate and improves potency. Tribulus Terrestris has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system; it increases the intensity of protein synthesis and promotes faster recovery after exercising. The product is perfectly suitable for all sports. It might also be used as a prophylactic agent without loads.

Directions: As a food supplement consume 1-2 capsules daily, preferably with morning and evening meals.